Where can I find spare parts for my Anglepoise lamp?

Whilst we're currently unable to support directly with spares for our vintage products, we do hold spares & replacement parts for the majority of our products produced within the last 10 years, including some parts for Apex 90 (springs and some plastic components)

Please get in touch with us. It'd really help if you could attach a photo of your lamp and/or the parts you require (e.g. Springs, Grub Screw, Linkage Bar), along with your address. Please see the following article to help identify the parts you require: What are the components of an Anglepoise Lamp called?

We can only assist you if your lamp falls under one of the below collections. To find out whether your lamp belongs to one of these collections, you can check the label inside of the lamp shade, check the packaging or see our guide on identifying vintage Anglepoise lamps. In most cases, the lamp will have our logo on it.

  • Original 1227™ (2009 onwards)
  • Original 1227™ Mini - Standard and Ceramic (2015)
  • Original 1227™ Brass (2014)
  • Original 1227™ Giant - Standard, Brass and Outdoor (2005)
  • Type 75™ (2004)
  • Type 75™ Mini (2011)
  • Type 75™ Maxi (2014)
  • Type 75™ Giant (2016)
  • Type 1228™ (2004)
  • 90 Mini Mini (2018)
  • Type 80 (2019)
  • Duo™
  • Duo 1227™
  • Apex 90
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